Code on the Beach Wrap-up

On August 9th I had the great privilege and opportunity to speak at Code on the Beach about F#. The talk was titled "Currying in a Hurry" because the call for speakers recommended a creative title, and that is the extent of my creativity.

The talk introduces .NET developers to functional programming concepts using F#. The slides for "Currying in a Hurry" can be found here, and the code samples can be found here. I really hope everyone that attended my session liked it, and that they're looking for opportunities to play with F# at work and/or in their free time.

Super Awsome People I Met

Everyone I met at Code on the Beach was brilliant and friendly, but a few people stood out:

  1. Ricardo Terrell, @TRikace
  2. David Haney, @haneycodes
  3. Stacey Mulcahy, @bitchwhocodes
    • I want her twitter handle.
    • She gave an amazing key note on embracing play. I've been trying to have more fun at work ever since.

Thanks for making an introvert in unfamiliar territory feel welcome!

Code on the Beach

You should attend Code on the Beach. It's put on by some of the nicest people you'll ever meet, and it's on the beach. The diversity of people and topics was great, so there's something for everyone.